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"ID One has demonstrated a high level of creativity and outstanding design skills - We at Nike know the difference and these guys are for real. They have allowed us to increase our "first and iterative looks" at numerous design ideas and proceed to prototypes in aggressive ways. We are happy to have them as an ongoing resource to our advanced R/D design team."

Director of Product Creation | Club R&D

Our Portfolio

Gel-Shock Hammer O-interface Dell Blade servers Desk Phone Dell Precision workstations Keys Envision Treadmill Kin Yip SanAire air purifier Rugged iX104 Lobster Ultimate table Center G Dell Laser printer line For the design concious traveller Manta  Water Quality Monitor Keys weight scale Shampoo bottles with a difference Commercial Pager Botanista Garden Logic Icons are friendly Dell Server Console Educational Coin Abacus Neo Back Pack Inhaler pumps Shoes for Austin Ironman Treadmill Salt and pepper

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